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Business Case Newsletter

APOSDLE helps our application partners in a number of business cases. This month we review the business case of ISN - Innovation Service Network.


The APOSDLE system at ISN supports mainly experts active in the innovation management domain as well as young professionals and graduates that share the network. All of them are or intend to be specialized in a few, very specific fields such as specific management methods, patent management, creativity methods, etc. The strength of the network is that know-how from different fields can be rapidly brought together and applied to a customer's situation.

What APOSDLE does for us:

Usually no one looks for similar projects when starting a new project - as this is too much effort and takes too much time. Currently our consultants mainly know the projects they have worked in. But work can be done much more efficient by reusing already existing knowledge. Additionally, special learning functions allow learning from these resources - this is great for bringing new employees up to speed.

During work, APOSDLE Suggest supports us by recommending resources which might be applicable to the current work task. Alternatively, Browse allows us to explore the semantic relations between different topics - or we use the Search function over all our backend repositories.

The APOSDLE People Finder finds experts in our social network and supports efficient communication. Through the user's Skills Portfolio APOSDLE detects appropriate persons to contact and the Cooperation Wizard guides us through the communication process.

As a long term-goal we expect to make better use of existing experiences, solutions, and practices within our company, as well as reflect and improve individual and organizational skills.