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APOSDLE - work, learn, collaborate

APOSDLE Scope and Boundaries

This document provides a baseline for the APOSDLE projectís scope and boundaries. Since the APOSDLE prototypes within year 1 will be focused on the domain of requirements engineering, this deliverable explains and illustrates the APOSDLE vision, the context model and the key concepts using this domain.

Within the first part of this deliverable the APOSDLE vision is presented in the form of three scenarios. The support APOSDLE aims to provide for learners, experts and workers is illustrated using the example of a requirements engineer. Based on the APOSDLE description of work this vision was developed by the Know-Center. During the APOSDLE kick-off meeting it was presented, discussed and agreed by all partners.

The second part of this deliverable identifies actors (both human and technical) whose work may be designed or re-designed through work carried out in the APOSDLE project in an APOSDLE context model. It is designed to give an overview of the scope of the projectís influence. This model was developed through work in work package VI on establishing user requirements. As part of this work, staff from CityUniversity met with staff from each of the application partners (CCI, CNM, EADS and ISN). During these meetings, four separate partner-specific context models were constructed and discussed. Following the meetings, actor roles and relationships from each of the application partners were generalised to create a generic context model reflecting common patterns of interaction across all partners.

Within the final part of this deliverable key project concepts and terms are defined in a glossary. Definitions were provided by the relevant work package leaders, and have been validated by all project partners. Illustrative examples are provided from the domain of requirements engineering, which is to be the focus of the projectís first prototypes. Finally, for key concepts their influence on the APOSDLE goals (specifically for year 1) is discussed.

The boundaries and definitions set out in this document are seen as first cut definitions. The project vision, context model and glossary will evolve during the course of the project. However, the versions provided here have been agreed upon by all partners, and as such, provide an important starting point for the development of a common orientation and cross-project consensus regarding the aims of the project.