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Demonstration Plan 2

This deliverable is an update of D8.1, the first Demonstration Activities Plan developed one year ago. Overall the Demonstration work package is concerned with demonstrating the APOSDLE platform and applications. It covers necessary work to prepare and provide an “APOSDLE demonstrator” at some technical partner sites and at the application partners. The goal is to demonstrate the results to interested parties outside the consortium. However, this task depends heavily on existing prototypes (mainly the advanced prototypes after month 24 of the project) from the other work packages. The main goals of the APOSDLE demonstration activities are to create awareness in different potential target groups outside the project consortium and to motivate them to access the APOSDLE Pilot Environment (set up in WP IX Training). Experience shows that decision-makers and beneficiaries can much easier be convinced about new methodologies and technologies, platforms or tools, if they can see and “feel” them at physical demonstrations. Therefore it is essential to include activities in APOSDLE to educate all potential decision-makers about the possibilities of the newly developed results. The demonstration of concrete, tangible benefits of the APOSDLE system are essential, when it comes to creating awareness among potential users and customers. Moreover the ability to establish convincing demonstrations is a fundamental feature for attracting the attention of managers and decision-makers. All partners are involved in demonstration activities. SAP took over workpackage leadership from CNM is leading the demonstration activities, supported especially by the application partners CNM, CCI, EADS, and ISN. The research and industrial partners will contribute with particular adaptation work necessary to complete prototypes for demonstration. The planning of demonstration activities is highly related to task VII.2 “Exploitation” and includes:

  • finding technology partners and reference customers,
  • near-market scenarios,
  • appropriate venues for technology disclosure, competitive landscape and product differentiation,
  • mid- and long-term strategic fit with the product development roadmaps of the commercial APOSDLE partners.

Most of these issues are addressed in task VII.2 and will be taken into account for the planning of demonstration activities. The Demonstration Plan will be updated on a yearly basis, taking into account the developments and incremental maturity of the prototype. The content for the demonstration of the prototypes 2 to 4 will comprise the following:

  • Objective of the demonstration, i.e. what is envisaged by demonstrating the respective prototype?
  • Target groups, i.e. which kind of users will be relevant for demonstrating the respective prototype?
  • Demonstration content, i.e. what will be shown to the potential customers and how will the demonstration be organised?
  • Organisation of demonstration activities, i.e. how the demonstration will be arranged from organisational point of view?
  • Motivation and preparation of the potential customers, i.e. how to make the users take part in the demonstration sessions and get them to interact with the APOSDLE consortium and use the APOSDLE system?
  • Venues for the technology disclosure, i.e. where will the APOSDLE system be installed and presented to the public, how will the technical infrastructure look like?
  • Technical set-up, i.e. how will the technical preparation of the APOSDLE demonstrator be organised?
  • Evaluation and Feedback, i.e. what feedback is given by the potential users, taking part in the demonstration phase?