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Demonstration Plan 3

The first part of this document gives an overview of the activities the APOSDLE project consortium plans in the forth project year in the area of demonstration, i.e. spreading APOSDLE technology and concepts in an applied industrial setting. We present these demonstration activities by partner. Parts of the demonstration activities are targeted at internal development organisations (such as at EADS and SAP), other parts activate external contacts such as the German insurance company BIG direct, other parts are in the form of industry-oriented exhibitions.
The second part of the document describes demonstration activities done in M25-M36. The demonstrations were based on components of APOSDLE prototype 2 and 3, especially on the contextualised knowledge delivery, concepts from APOSDLE browse and on the context detection. They targeted at the internal research, innovation and development organisations at SAP as well as at the demo jam, a competition at the Darmstadt University of Technology.