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Dissemination, Standardisation and Exploitation Report

This document gives an overview of the activities the APOSDLE project consortium has undertaken in the first project year (March 2006 February 2007) in the areas of dissemination, standardisation and exploitation. Moreover, we give a plan on how these activities will continue in the remainder of the project with an emphasis on the next two years.

The purpose of the dissemination activities in Work Package (WP) 07 is to create awareness about project results in all important target groups and constituencies. Main efforts have been within the scientific community and with related EU projects to create awareness about the APOSDLE project and to disseminate the very first scientific results. Highlights include the organisation of the I-Know conference and special tracks, organisation of the EC-TEL conference and the founding of Pro-LC, the Professional Learning Cluster.

Industry and businesses will be targeted more strongly after the first APOSDLE demonstrator is available and the application scenarios are more fully developed. The means of dissemination include press releases and electronic news updates (to be started in March 2007), membership of the project in Pro-LC and Prolearn, organisation of and participation in events, journal and conference publications, as well as demonstrations and industry stands.

A further objective of WP 07 is to promote the adoption of standards and the awareness of standardisation activities in all the technological aspects relevant to APOSDLE, and to encourage the engagement with standardisation efforts, by contributing to ongoing standardisation forums, and disseminating specifications. The standardisation activity performed in WP 07 during the early stage of the project has focused mainly on adoption of standards and awareness of standardisation activities across several technological areas of the project in order to ensure the usage of the latest updates and advancements of the standardisation bodies into the design and realisation of the APOSDLE system, right from the beginning. This deliverable reports a summary of the main ongoing and planned standardisation activities within the APOSDLE project, including the plan for a more structured living document (based on WiKi technology) that monitors the progress in important standardisation activities and general technological developments of interest to the APOSDLE project.

Finally, an exploitation plan is presented. The overall objectives of this plan are:

  • Early demonstrations to industrial partners and small enterprises to create awareness for the APOSDLE idea and application
  • Quickly turn technical project results into products
  • Research results can be integrated into existing products and services or represent the base of new innovative product or service if possible

We present several planned activities of the partners that will bring us closer to these objectives. These include planned contacts to existing customers and network partners, and a feeding of certain ideas into the product development cycles.