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Dissemination, Standardisation and Exploitation Report and Plan III

This document gives an overview of the activities the APOSDLE project consortium has undertaken in the three project year in the areas of dissemination and standardization with a focus on year 3. Moreover, we give a plan on how these activities will continue in the remainder of the project. The project kept its momentum with the dissemination activities and increased the focus to reach businesses and industry. Overall 31 dissemination activities were reported in year 3, with over a third of these targeting business and industry groups. Three industry demonstrations were held as a result of these activities with more being planned for the final project year. In terms of scientific output, year 3 saw 23 scientific publications (after 14 in the previous year). The impact of these publications was also higher with several more prestigious conference appearances (e.g. CHI, AH, ISWC, EKAW) and a couple of Journal publications. Other highlights include the organization of the I-Know conference and special tracks, organization of the Prolearn/EATEL Summer School, and broad participation at the EC-TEL conference. An APOSDLE movie was produced and published on the APOSDLE website and on Youtube (with more than 700 views). APOSDLE also participated with a stand at the ICT event in Lyon where the stand was voted amongst the top ten best stands, and with a stand at the 3rd National German IT Event. A further objective of WP7 is to promote the adoption of standards and the awareness of standardisation activities in all the technological aspects relevant to APOSDLE, and to encourage the engagement with standardisation efforts, by contributing to ongoing standardisation groups, and disseminating specifications. The standardisation activity performed in WP7 during the first three years of the project has focused mainly on adoption of standards and awareness of standardisation activities across several technological areas of the project in order to ensure the usage of the latest updates and advancements of the standardisation bodies into the design and realisation of the APOSDLE system. During the third year of the project, members of the APOSDLE team have also actively contributed to standards and standardisation groups of interest for the project, like in the case of the IEEE LTSC Study Group on Competencies, or the W3C Video on the web standardisation activities. This deliverable reports a summary of the main ongoing and planned standardisation activities within the APOSDLE project. These activities are also documented in the APOSDLE Standardisation Wiki, which is used to monitor and report the progress in important standardisation activities and general technological developments of interest to the project.