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Scope of APOSDLE Target Group, Problems and Needs

This deliverable reports the results from the first effort to reach beyond the 4 application partners in the APOSDLE consortium to produce results with which to compare the in-project perspective with the needs of the wider possible markets for APOSDLE. The goal was to discover and define the scope of the APOSDLE socio-technical target group and the problems and needs related to its adoption as seen from outside of the project consortium.

We employed two basic techniques: questionnaires, circulated to potential customers of APOSDLE in the UK, Germany and France, and a face-to-face focus group with one selected commercial organisation. These techniques helped to discover and document needs, problems, perceptions and attitudes towards APOSDLE as well as the current use of learning and knowledge management tools in these organisations.

Results from the survey revealed that a sizeable number of the respondents felt there was scope and indeed a need for the use of a tool such as APOSDLE, either alongside existing solutions not deemed fully satisfactory, to integrate related software tools in use, or to provide additional features that are not being supported in organisations at the moment.

The focus group additionally provided insights into the opinions and perceptions of the participants on the APOSDLE system. They revealed issues that may arise following its introduction in the organisation and highlighted the fact that solutions may need to be put in place in organisations for APOSDLE to be used to its full potential.

Most of the answers to the questionnaires came from organisations in the field of Requirement Engineering and the participants to the focus group were also engineers with experience or an interest in the field. This gave rich insight into this area of expertise. More research is needed and has been planned to broaden the sample and collect further data.

This report concludes with problems and needs drawn from the data collected in terms of the main aspects to consider in extending APOSDLE to a wider market.