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Training Activities 1 (Plan)

This document is aimed at illustrating the components of the training plan for APOSDLE as well as a first overview of the training needs and offers mentioned by the APOSDLE consortium. Moreover, this deliverable should induce a discussion about further extensions or adaptations concerning APOSDLE training activities.

For those partners who have additional training needs or offers, this document acts as a starting point or a trigger for a future submission. Related to the core ideas of APOSDLE we are willing to integrate the philosophy of workplace learning in the APOSDLE training activities as well. That causes another problem in the panning process of the trainings as the availability of project results has to be considered in two different dimensions: On the one hand there will be content based on new knowledge and prototypes, on the other hand APOSDLE will bring up a new didactic dimension we also want to use for training in order to work in an authentic way.

The structure of this deliverable is as follows: At first the components of the training plan (internal and external training) are presented and explained. Then the illustration of the currently identified training needs and offers are depicted in an integrated table. To better understand this summary an explanation is given and the process for the next steps in the work package “Training” is described. Moreover the training plan form which has been distributed among the APOSDLE consortium is attached in the appendix.