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Training Activities 3

This document gives an overview of the activities the APOSDLE project consortium has undertaken in the last 12 project months (M18-M30) in the areas of internal and external training. Moreover, we give a plan on how these activities will continue in the remainder of the project with an emphasis on the next two years. The purpose of the training activities in work package (WP) 09 serves two main goals: consortium internal training to ensure a smooth cooperation of all consortium partners and external training to organisations outside the consortium. Furthermore, related to the core ideas of APOSDLE the philosophy of workplace learning will be integrated in the APOSDLE training activities as well. Firstly the components of the training plan (internal and external training) are briefly presented and explained. Then the progress achieved since the last deliverable on training activities (DIX.2) due in M18 is summarised. This is followed by a detailed description of our current “General APOSDLE Training Framework”. This consists of three activities - APOSDLE Tutorials, Mini-Tutorials and User Trainings) that will be further improved and evaluated and can be carried out by all partners. Finally the next steps in the work package 09 “Training” are described. Moreover the training plan form which has been distributed among the APOSDLE consortium, as well as the APOSDLE manual developed for the user trainings is attached in the appendix.