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Training Activities 4

Training activities in work package (WP) 09 serves two main goals: consortium internal training to ensure a smooth cooperation of all consortium partners and external training to organisations outside the consortium. Compared to previous deliverables in the training work package, this document focuses on the activities the APOSDLE project consortium has undertaken in the last 12 project months (M30-M42) in the areas of internal training. Moreover, we give a plan on how these activities will continue in the remainder of the project with an emphasis on the next year. Based on the feedback during our 3rd annual project review the APOSDLE consortium decided to shift external training activities - which go hand in hand with dissemination and exploitation activities - to one joint deliverable at the end of the project (D 7.6 Exploitation Activities), which reports on all exploitation activities, including those related activities from demonstration and external training. The main purpose of this deliverable is to roll out a framework how the APOSDLE system can be introduced into a company. Introducing a new system is not only about training the people on using it and giving them support during usage, its more about motivating people in using a new system and communicating the benefits through the new system. The final results of the evaluation of this internal Training Framework will be included also as recommendation for training in D 7.6 Exploitation Activities. The document is structured as follows: Firstly the components of the training plan are briefly presented and explained. Through aligning training aspects (D 9.3) for the 3rd Prototype with social solutions recommendations (D 6.13) some results of this work will be presented. This is followed by a detailed description of our “APOSDLE Training Framework”: This concept takes into account tactics accompanying the process of introducing the APOSDLE system, tactics on showing the users how to work with this system and ongoing support through the APOSDLE Help Section. Finally the Application Partners detailed training plans are attached as well as screenshots of our APOSDLE Help System.