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Use Cases & Application Requirements 1 (First Prototype)

This document provides a specification of use cases and requirements for the first APOSDLE prototype, which will be delivered in month 12. Use case definitions have been written using terminology from the agreed project glossary, and have been linked both to the requirements identified by the project’s application partners, and to the mock-up which has formed a basis for discussion amongst technical partners. The development of this document has therefore played an important role in creating links between a number of different on-going activities within the project.

The document presents:

·A use case specification for the first prototype, in the form of a use case diagram and associated use case definitions (see sections 2 and 3)

·A list of requirements relevant to the first prototype (see section 4).

·An agreed project glossary (see section 5)

·A mock-up of the first prototype (see Appendix A).

This document builds on other materials produced within WPVI, and in particular on:

·The vision, context model and definitions provided in deliverable D6.1 and

·Output from the APOSDLE project creativity workshop

It will also form a basis for later deliverables, including D4.1 - the Software Design and Development Plan for the first prototype – in which the underlying architecture and models to be used in the first prototype will be specified.