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Use Cases & Application Requirements 2

This document provides a specification of the user and system requirements for the second and third APOSDLE socio-technical solution, including the second prototype and associated social mechanisms, both of which will be delivered in month 24. Requirements have been written using terminology from the current project glossary to be updated in future project deliverables. As with deliverable D VI.2, which specified the requirements on the first APOSDLE prototype, the development of this document has therefore played an important role in creating links between different on-going activities within the project.

The document presents:

i* strategic dependency and strategic rationale models of the socio-technical system, specifying goals and soft goals of different actors in these socio-technical systems from which requirements statements were derived;

Satisfaction arguments that associate user requirements desirable properties of users who will use the APOSDLE software solution and system requirements desirable properties of the software solutions, arguments that define why the system requirements, if satisfied, will lead to satisfaction of user requirements, and first-cut assumptions that need to be true for the argument to hold;

Use case specifications for the second prototype to define the desired behaviour of the second version of the APOSDLE socio-technical solution, in the form of a use case diagram and associated use case specifications;

User and system requirements identified by end of month 15 on the APOSDLE socio-technical system, identified and documented by both technology and application partners;

An extended project glossary.

This document builds on other materials produced within WP VI, and in particular on:

The requirements and design visions behind the first APOSDLE prototype that was produced in deliverable D VI.2 and;

The first APOSDLE prototype that was developed from those requirements and design visions.

It will also form a basis for later deliverables, including D IV.4 - the Software Design and Development Plan for the second prototype.