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APOSDLE - work, learn, collaborate


In a world of rapid change and continuous technological innovation the economy of the European Union relies on the ability of their knowledge workers to learn efficiently and especially to apply newly acquired knowledge effectively within their work processes.

The goal of the APOSDLE project is to enhance knowledge worker productivity by supporting informal learning activities in the context of knowledge workers' everyday work processes and within their work environments.

Workpackages I to WI

Work packages 1 to 3 focus on activities of the knowledge worker which we seek to support. Working in their usual tasks, WP 1 seeks to identify the needs of the person that spring from their current activities or from their user profile, and deliver suitable knowledge resources. WP 2 provides learning opportunities by facilitating access to available knowledge resources and by presenting them in a form that makes learning possible. WP 3 deals with learning interactions between people that happen during collaboration activities. All tools that provide this support through WPs 1-3 are sought to be integrated into the users' computational workplace.

Work packages 4 and 5 provide the technical infrastructure. WP 5 accesses the available corporate IT infrastructure so that all existing knowledge resources can remain where they are. This WP also extracts and stores semantic information from the underlying sources. WP 4 makes available semantic information (meta data and information about document similarities) for retrieval in an integrated network. Tools developed in WP 1-3 query the network in order to access suitable knowledge resources.

Work Package 6 is concerned with collecting requirements for the software development of the APOSDLE system. This work package also provides the interface to the application partners where several prototypes of the software are being introduced and evaluated.

Work Packages 7 to 10 are concerned with several horizontal activities, such as disseminating project results and planning exploitation (WP 7), demonstrating the proect's applicability (WP 8), providing internal and external training (WP 9) and setting up project management facilities (WP 10).

The deliverables and project results within each of the work packages can be found under Work Packages. Scenarios that describe how we envision the system to work can be found under Overview.