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Scenario 3: Collaborate

Background: Sandra is a technical expert at HighTech. She has recently been promoted to project manager. In this new role she has now also the responsibility of directly working with the customer to elicit the user requirements of the software application to be developed. In addition, she is responsible for ensuring that the requirements are updated, linked to the design documents, and finally used for testing. In the past she was involved with requirements management (RM) but never in the elicitation process (RE). Also, she feels a little uncomfortable since she is not sure that her team handles requirements according to the company standard.

Expert Support. Some weeks later Sandra reviews the use case descriptions of one of her newer team members. By now she has learned quite a bit about RE and especially is knowledgeable about the RE standards employed within HighTech. She immediately notices that her colleague started to document design options instead of focusing on the user requirements. Since this is a typical mistake most beginners make and which she has made herself, she already has compiled a number of reference materials, examples, and guidelines within the review environment (an APOSDLE Collaboration Tool). She now marks the suboptimal parts in the use case, links the relevant material to it and writes a short explanation in the chat window about how the material applies here and how the team member can best learn from it. She also points him to other such use case examples done before. In addition, by using another APOSDLE Collaboration Tool she records a short tour of the available use case modeling resources in the APOSDLE environment and makes this guided tour (including her voice annotations) available to all her team members by associating it to the project management phase ProjectStart. From now on inexperienced use case designers will be offered this tour automatically by the APOSDLE system.

These scenarios have been taken from the following poster publication.