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Scenario 1: Work

Background: Sandra is a technical expert at HighTech. She has recently been promoted to project manager. In this new role she has now also the responsibility of directly working with the customer to elicit the user requirements of the software application to be developed. In addition, she is responsible for ensuring that the requirements are updated, linked to the design documents, and finally used for testing. In the past she was involved with requirements management (RM) but never in the elicitation process (RE). Also, she feels a little uncomfortable since she is not sure that her team handles requirements according to the company standard.

Worker Support. A new project is about to start and so Sandra instantiates a new project folder in the common file system, sets up a common e-mail repository, etc. By analyzing these actions (which Sandra is executing within her work environment) an APOSDLE Work Tool automatically identifies that Sandra currently is in the project management phase “ProjectStart”. Another APOSDLE Work Tool unobtrusively offers all information relevant to the ProjectStart phase. This helps Sandra to remember all the steps which need to be done. In addition, the APOSDLE Platform keeps a user profile of Sandra. In this profile Sandra’s expertise in RE has been recorded as low. One of the important first tasks associated with the ProjectStart phase is that the user requirements for the system to be developed need to be elicited. Due to Sandra’s profile the APOSDLE Work Tool makes Sandra aware that more detailed and more introductory information about RE is available. Since Sandra is happy about all the help she can get she selects the offered APOSDLE Self-Directed Learning (SDL) Tool.

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These scenarios have been taken from the following
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