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Business Case Newsletter

APOSDLE helps our application partners in a number of business cases. This month we review the business case of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Darmstadt.


Like each of the 80 German Chambers of Commerce and Industry, CCI Darmstadt provides extensive information and consulting services on more than 400 topics to more than 60000 enterprises: With only about 100 employees, CCI Darmstadt guides its industrial clients through the maze of national and international laws and regulations, imparts information on markets, technologies and funding, and moderates a considerable number of competence networks and industrial clusters.

The APOSDLE system assists consulting experts and young professionals to keep up to date with their domains and to share their consulting expertise with colleagues. Thus, APOSDLE will become an important building block of the quality management at CCI Darmstadt in the future.

What APOSDLE does for us:

Companies expect quick advice from us - regardless of whether the main expert is available or not. In peak-times, however, consulting experts are regularly overloaded. CCI can only overcome this bottleneck by qualifying as many knowledge all-rounders as possible - and APOSDLE supports this challenge.

APOSDLE tailors the recommendation of knowledge resources to the individual level of expertise and the concrete task - without any effort for the user. Integrated Search over all back-end systems retrieves contents users have not been aware of. Sophisticated browsing functionalities guide the user in exploring unfamiliar domains.

But APOSDLE not only improves knowledge access. A whole range of functionalities help with organising learning and internalizing knowledge: creating and annotating knowledge modules, building topic folders, setting up small learning curricula or initializing and documenting learning dialogs with experts.

And if documentation is not sufficient, the APOSDLE People Finder detects experts across departments and locations and supports efficient communication.

As a long term-goal, we expect to build up communities of domain specialists. Thus our clients will gain improved accessibility of information and advice and individual and organisational competences at CCI Darmstadt increase.