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Business Case Newsletter

APOSDLE helps our application partners in a number of business cases. This month we review the business case of the EADS Innovation Works research center.


Within the Technical Capability Centre "Engineering, Physics, IT, Security services & Simulation" the Electromagnetism simulation Team is in charge of designing, developing, and implementing numerical simulations of electromagnetic problems or phenomena for all internal entities of the group.

This activity requires high levels of knowledge and expertise. Learners and experts are geographical dispersed, knowledge is formalized to low degrees and is mainly acquired by individual adhoc practices and cumulative experience feedback.

In the context of increasing simulation activities, we are confronted with a low availability of high-level experts, especially in the field of electromagnetism. Due to very spezialized expertise and recent new developments we are constantly trying out new ways to capitalize on our knowledge. Furthermore we were looking for more efficient training methods for our young engineers. APOSDLE will help us to do that.

What APOSDLE does for us:

APOSDLE improves the access to high quality documents, resources, and experts, as well as the reuse of existing knowledge of successful past projects in the electromagnetic simulation field. APOSDLE helps engineers to retrieve contents (other projects, persons) they have not been aware of, or that they forgot about.

APOSDLE supports learning by adding value to resources and helping with the internalization of knowledge: creating annotations of textual and video resources, building of domain-related ontologies, recommending resources and annotations with regard to the current task, as well as organizing and documenting exchanges with experts through a guided collaboration process. This will speed up the training process.

APOSDLE multi-point of view browsing guides the engineers in exploring topic/tasks models of their highly complex simulation domain.

In the long term, APOSDLE will allow an efficient reuse of the rich learning materials gathered by the electromagnetic simulation community, including methodological guides and user manuals, simulation/software platforms descriptions, tutorials and training materials, comic books illustrating physical phenomena, simplified models, and intermediate test results.

At the scale of a group as large as EADS, APOSDLE could support all types of communities of EADS Business Units domains specialists, as well as individual and organizational skills.